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Why use our service

Up to date info

We provide the latest informations about cryptocurrencies, markets and transactions. Data is safely stored and persistent. Everything is always accessible.

Everything in one place

We collect data about transactions, markets, crypto rates and behavior of the currency. All of this can be accessed from just this one site, no more browsing through other tabs to find the suitable information!

See how transactions affect the price of currency

Thanks to our analytics and data you can see how the price of a chosen cryptocurrency is changing based on transactions that took place in a selected range of time!

See everything

Thanks to our rich database you can see how does cryptocurrency looked like over the period of days and months! Not only that, You can also see how all markets were looking at that time and look through the old transactions made in that time.

Why it will benefit You

Up to date

We have the latest informations about crypto, markets and transactions so You can be up to date with everything.

No wasted time

Don't waste time on searching for each individual information, here everyhting is under Your nose.

All in one place

Crypto rates, different graphs, market data, exchanges and transactions - all here in all kind of forms just waiting to be accessed.

See everything

Thanks to our rich database you can access data fron days, months or you can see how everything changed in a given data range.

How it works

We collect the data so that everything is as close to You as possible. Thanks to that we don't have to rely directly on other API's when You browse content of the page.

We store and analyze the data to fit our requirements and needs. We do not accept any fake data. Before the data is saved to database, it is processed and made so that it never fails our customers.

We try our best to show you the data we have in the most elegant and clear way possible. All charts and tables are prepared to satisfy customer needs. Everything is responsive so You can browse on every device.

We listen to our customers needs and try to satisfy them. Using contact tab You can always reach our team and ans for anything You'd like!

Availabe Subscription Plans

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  • Access All Cryptos
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  • **Machine Learning Algorithm
* - Price may change depending on added features.
** - Not yet implemented.
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